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Websites For Personal Historians

My mission is to help you with your mission of preserving life stories

Like many personal historians, my first personal history was of a family member

I felt an urgency to document my mother's life before her fading memory made that impossible. I used my love of technology and skills as a web designer to put my mother's life story online with her own personal website.


Life Stories Online -- A Multimedia Approach to Personal History

That project evolved into a passion to bring more life stories online, where they are easily accessible and appealing to all generations.

Websites make it possible to use many different media to tell a story. We can use any number of photos with accompanying audio recordings of the narrator.  We can add home videos or professionally shot video interviews. We can add family trees, medical histories, cherished recipes, and more.

Linda Bugbee

Linda Bugbee is a website consultant who helps personal historians with the important work of capturing and preserving life stories. Whether building a website for your business or bringing a client’s story online, she’s dedicated to promoting your business and the field of personal history.

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Example of audio clip describing photo in narrator's voice

Examples of what can be included in an online life story:

  • Written narrative
  • Photographs
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Interactive timeline
  • Recipes
  • Family trees
  • Private medical histories


Once the initial phase of the website is complete, the personal historian can continue to work with the narrator and add more stories as they are remembered.  A website can be an ongoing project for years to come!

The beauty of online memoirs is that they are never finished.  New stories and photographs can be added easily by the personal historian after the initial phase is done.  This affords you a great opportunity to stay in touch with former clients and create repeat business!

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