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Attract More Clients with a Professional Website

Do you hate marketing? Wouldn't you rather be preserving the life stories of fascinating people? I'll build you a beautiful website that is an effective marketing tool so you can get back to doing what you love.  


Connect with clients and families through an easy to use website that answers all their questions. Show them there is nothing more important than telling their stories and staying connected with their loved ones and future generations.



Get your business found by making it shine on mobile devices. How a website looks and functions on phones is critical for being found by search engines. Show clients you are professional by having a website that meets modern expectations.



Delight your clients and their families by making their photos, stories, recipes and unique collections available online. All the extras that don’t quite fit into your final product can easily be incorporated into a unique website for your client.


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Your Website is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Here's why a website designed by a Personal Historian will attract more clients:

Built by a Personal Historian

As a member of the Association of Personal Historians, I know your business and your target audience better than the average website designer. I share your love for the profession and keep up to date on the issues and challenges you face in your business. 

Earn the Trust of Your Clients

People like to research online before they buy.   If they are looking for a personal historian, you will have the edge with a website that educates them about the process and frankly, gets them to like you before they even meet you. Let your future clients start the buying process with no pressure, in the comfort of their homes. 

Your Website is Your Storefront

You may be a skilled and compassionate interviewer, a beautiful writer, or a gifted videographer.  You may be hard working, intelligent, and attentive to details, but if your website looks dated or homemade, those potential clients will never know. All they will know about you is what they see on the website.  Make it a true reflection of you.

Your Website Should be as Beautiful as Your Products

You put a lot of time and effort into working with your clients and producing a beautiful final product. It’s time for you to have a website that looks as professional as your books and recordings -- One that shows your attention to detail, looks modern, and works on mobile devices.  

Audio and Video Sell

The APH has already made a beautiful marketing video for you.  Members may add that video to their website to increase sales.  Samples of your own writings, audio, and video show clients what they can expect from a professional like you.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

Stop trying to learn WordPress on your own! Your new website will make your life easier, so you can spend more time doing what you love.


Get my free report: Seven Essentials for a Successful Website